Now more than ever we need to be lead by our inner wisdom to find our truth. The third eye, the all seeing can become blocked due to the modern day lifestyle leaving us energetically drained and disconnected.

Your intuitive sense lives in many parts of your body however, this pea sized gland in your brain which regulates hormones and seeing in this and other realms is the key to expanding your conscious awareness.

In the modern world, what we consume affects how effective our pineal gland is.

We have become a society that is by far more disconnected than…

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The separation and polarity of the dimensions is becoming clearer as we live in different camps, separated by our ability to live by our sovereignty or fear.

Here is a round up of how we are experiencing it and what is happening right now.


Reference has been made to this many times and it is not a one time event, it is an event that has been in our presence for many years.

It means to remember who we really are, the power that we each have in our sovereign state of being culminating in a mass…

This was channelled in late July 2020 in response to questions posed on my Facebook page.

From my Council of 12 Guides, I invited in the most relevant to answer these questions and St Germain came forward. He has a very straight talking nature which prompts us to create action.

His forté is the recycling of all that binds and hinders the full expression of the soul into liberating light — the alchemy of forgiveness. The seventh ray and sponsor or the United States of America. …

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August Themes: Detachment and Observation

September Themes: Self Responsibility Karmic & Ancestral Contracts

I channel themes every month which I work through with my online membership group Soul School.

The themes help navigate the energies avoiding energy crashes and healing crisis whilst up-levelling your consciousness.

September is an action packed month. Lots of obvious and not so obvious activity that when felt will create yet more, deeper shifts.

The full moon at the beginning of the month landed surprises for some, highlighting where you need to be acting in self responsibility rather than blame

September energy is very Ying Yang…

With so many terms and variations about Soul’s mission, life purpose and what we are here to do, it can become somewhat confusing.

There seems to be a constant search for meaning and reason to why we are here, whilst all of the time, we are experiencing it.

The truth is, it could be a very simple reason such as; mastering a value or a state of presence or it might be that you are a change maker on a big scale.

The misconception is that you are here to save humanity and work with radical and very visible actions…


I picked up my journal 2 weeks ago when my head presented me with too much information!

You see, I am an Intuitive Guide, a Channel, Energy Reader, Psychic and sometimes the messages I receive can get a little overwhelming.

Many years ago when I developed my connection with energy, I asked the universe to connect me to everything, well why not?

If I was going to do it, I wanted it all. On all levels and with everything.

Needless to say I forgot the ‘be careful what you ask for’ bit.

My ability to read energy from physical and…

What does soul age mean?

Soul age relates to your earth plane evolution and the number of lifetimes you may have already experienced which is directly linked to the experience you are having with regards to your human personal and spiritual development.

Soul age does not necessarily act as the marker for spiritual development — this exists in all soul ages.

It is linked to a set of characteristics that are dominant in your behaviours which mirror your soul age. …

Themes for the month of July are; Truth and Self Care

Let’s start with the themes of June which were; Reflection and Alignment.

In order to find your truth you have to be in alignment. Alignment can be a difficult one if you are living by a story that was given to you as a child which now does not feel true as an adult.

Letting go of a childhood story interferes with your identity and can lead to anxiety, feeling unsupported, lack of belonging and fear.

Aligning with a new you feels like breaking in a new pair of…

This is a channelled 12 month forecast for the themes we are likely to experience.

It was channelled by two of my guides, Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


The revelations we will face will seem unbelievable. Whilst there may be chaos in your heads, stay in your heart.

We are moving into an expansive year from June onward which will trigger reactions from wounds past.

Your inner child may feel raw.

The wounded child will react again and again — listen to it, without judgement, without the head, as if you are experiencing this for the first time from a place of now.

Observe from this perspective so that you can be impartial to what you see.

You are no longer the…

What is the Inner Child?

The inner child is a part of you that reacts disproportionately to actions or emotions which occur as an adult.

Imagine when you were a child, say 3 years old and your mother decides to go back to work, and leaves you with a member of family or at nursery. If the 3 year old you struggles with this action, the emotions it feels are;

  • abandoned
  • scared
  • unsafe
  • rejected
  • disappointment
  • no living up to expectations

The very person your 3 year old self trusts and loves, has made them feel these things.

But, you struggle…


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