The separation and polarity of the dimensions is becoming clearer as we live in different camps, separated by our ability to live by our sovereignty or fear.

Here is a round up of how we are experiencing it and what is happening right now.


Reference has been…

August Themes: Detachment and Observation

September Themes: Self Responsibility Karmic & Ancestral Contracts

I channel themes every month which I work through with my online membership group Soul School.

The themes help navigate the energies avoiding energy crashes and healing crisis whilst up-levelling your consciousness.

September is an action packed…

What does soul age mean?

Soul age relates to your earth plane evolution and the number of lifetimes you may have already experienced which is directly linked to the experience you are having with regards to your human personal and spiritual development.

Soul age does not necessarily act as the marker for spiritual development —…

Themes for the month of July are; Truth and Self Care

Let’s start with the themes of June which were; Reflection and Alignment.

In order to find your truth you have to be in alignment. Alignment can be a difficult one if you are living by a story that was…

This is a channelled 12 month forecast for the themes we are likely to experience.

It was channelled by two of my guides, Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


The revelations we will face will seem unbelievable. Whilst there may be chaos in your heads, stay in your heart.

We are moving into an expansive year from June onward which will trigger reactions from wounds past.

Your inner child may feel raw.



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